Our link diocese

The Anglican Diocese of Karamoja in Uganda was established by CMS workers from the UK, with the first church being planted at Lotome.

Our link began in 2010 with the diocese sponsoring a visit from Bishop Joseph, accompanied by his wife, Margaret. Through this relationship, we’re able to journey with our fellow Christians in Africa — particularly those serving Christ in a poor and under resourced region, such as Karamoja. 

The Karamoja region

Located in North East Uganda along the borders Kenya and South Sudan, the diocesan centre is situated in the town of Moroto. The Cathedral is also found within the grounds of the diocesan centre. With the help of supporting churches from overseas, especially in the UK, a guest house has been built to enable some income for the diocese.

Karamoka has little infrastructure resulting in limited health and educational facilities. The diocese has established a high school, hospital and clinic to help meet the needs of the people around Moroto and Amadat. But the diocese relies on support from other Anglicans or aid agencies to maintain this work.

Our Bishop

Right Reverend Joseph Abura

Bishop Joseph is married to Margaret (a school teacher) and they have six children. Joseph grew up as a shepherd, living off the land. His schooling didn’t begin until he was about 11 years old. Later on, he had the opportunity to study theology to enable him to serve as an ordained minister in the diocese.

Joseph and Margaret live in Moroto, where they grow stable foods and raise goats to sustain themselves. The Bishop travels around the diocese as funds allow.

Supporting Karamoja

Bishop Gary Nelson has been visiting Karamoja since 2012 preaching in churches and teaching week long intensive, particularly on biblical theology and discipleship. We are thankful for our friends, family, and members of the diocese who support these teaching trips to Karamoja.

For more information on how you can support Karamoja please contact the diocesan office.

We support Karamoja through:

  • Prayer

  • Raising money for St Andrews High School in Latome

  • Providing running water

  • Supplying clothing for the hospital

  • Organising training for clergy and church workers

  • Financial provision