Ministry at one arm point

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Ministry at one arm point

North West Anglicans at Broome are helping to equip remote Aboriginal Christians to meet together and grow in their love of Jesus.

CMS missionary Chris Webb teaches God’s word to Aboriginal people at the Anglican church’s Broome People’s Church. He and wife Karen have formed a partnership with a small, isolated church which meets at One Arm Point, 220km north of Broome.

In discussion with church leaders, Chris developed a ‘service pack’ to enable the community to run a simple weekly service around God’s word. “With small numbers and no pastor to lead them, it has been challenging for Bardi Christians to keep on meeting together and growing in their faith,” he said.

The pack includes service outlines with Bible reading printouts, songs and recorded sermons from Broome People’s Church. The Bardi Christian Fellowship can meet between visits by Broome People’s Church ministry team about five times a year. The team enjoys the fellowship and has run a Bible overview course, along with Christian movie nights open to the wider community.

Wangkatjungka Aboriginal community, about 9 hours drive from Broome, recently received the ‘service pack’. The church has no formal pastor and the resources aim to support the defacto pastor to lead a weekly gathering.

Chris also has the joy of bringing audio Bibles for Aboriginal Christians with failing eyesight. “This is a big blessing to me!” said Jesse as she purchased a Megavoice audio Bible recently.