Discipleship rocks

Discipleship rocks.jpg

The discipleship program at Geraldton has helped teens grow in their faith and overcome challenges including Year 12 exams, death of a loved one and family upheaval.

Geraldton Cathedral Children and Youth Minister Rev Eion Simmons and a group of servant-hearted young adults help nurture the teens’ faith through ‘Regenerate’—a weekly Bible study, and Friday youth group.

“We don’t have shining lights, pumping music or huge numbers. But we prayerfully trust God’s word to do God’s work by God’s Spirit. And in God’s kindness we’re seeing our youth grow,” Eion says.

Year 10 student Justin de Vries has been built up by the fellowship, the challenging discussions as they study the scriptures together, and the trustworthy leaders.

“The studies have made me more motivated to read my Bible and study in my own time because I wanted to learn more.” Justin gained support from these Christian friends when his muchloved Nanna passed away suddenly.

“I feel like the leaders are people I can really trust so if I ever have anything going on in my life, I can really talk to them.”

Tom Grice says the fellowship and constant hope of God’s love helped him focus on the workload preparing for final year 12 exams. Anneka Spackman has relied upon the fellowship to help see her through change as her parents began ministering in a new church and she moved both home and school.