Bringing good news to Wickham


5.00pm: We meet each week at the Amenities Hall on the Oval. As a church we are committed to the Bible and so our times of meeting together have teaching the Bible at their centre. We provide a play space for children and enjoy a light supper together after the service.



Rev Richard Goscombe: Minister-in-Charge
Richard is married to Tracy with 3 adult children. They have been involved in the North West since 2009 after serving in various parishes in the Sydney diocese. Richard has a passion for reaching out to Aboriginal people and has developed good relations within the wider community.


The towns of Wickham and Roebourne are situated close to Karratha in the Pilbara region of the North West.  Roebourne’s first Anglican service took place in 1871.  In October 1883 the first Church building at Roebourne was opened, but destroyed by a cyclone in January 1884. Services were then held in the school until the present church building in Roebourne was opened on the 15th December, 1895.

Cliffs WA Mining Company built the Wickham township in 1970 and the government gazetted it on the 26th November, 1971. The parish of Wickham began in May 1985, but due to a decline in population, the parish was closed down at the end of 2001.  With the generous support of BCA, Wickham parish (including Roebourne) was reopened in May 2009.


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Office: 33 Herbert Way, Wickham WA 6720